10 minutes email

 The 10 minute mail is an email service that is delivered within 10 minutes of sending a message. It has a similar experience to the fastmail service which was later discontinued. — As the world becomes faster and more mobile, Temp mail letter writing has become less and less common. Email is one of the fastest growing platforms for communication in recent years, especially when it comes to short messages. 10 minute mail is a platform that provides a way for people to write quick messages and email them to each other without having to spend time writing. 10 minute mail is not intended to replace traditional letters or emails between friends or family members as they can still be used as well. It can be a useful tool for professional correspondence as well as scheduling quick check-ins with clients or coworkers. 10 min mail was created by Emmanouil Papadopoulos who hoped that such platform would help people write long-winded emails and letters in shorter periods of time without sacrif